X-Pulsion 32oz Rapid Cleansing Drink

X-Pulsion 32oz Rapid Cleansing Drink
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A detox, or cleanse, is always low in dietary protein and calories, resulting in a possible lack of energy to exercise so that you can build muscle to replace fat and effectively lose weight.

Many nutritionists agree that although cleansing may produce promising short-term results, the long-term benefits are actually minimal. Some people may experience a psychological boost from a detox which could motivate them to adopt healthier eating habits in the future.

Cleansing drinks a natural line of cleansing liquids formulated to strip unwanted toxins from the blood and urine that we absorb daily, due to the air we exhale and the foods we eat.  Cleansing liquids are formulated to strip the urinary tract and blood of any toxins the body may have absorbed throughout the day. Cleansing will flush out unwanted toxins from the blood, liver, urinary tract, and kidneys. This is a full body cleanse except for the colon.

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