Q-Urol 60 tablets ----- Price: 59.99

Q-Urol 60 tablets ----- Price: 59.99
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Q-Urol Complex is a proprietary combination of clinically proven ingredients including Quercetin, a bioflavonoid with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, Saw Palmetto, Bee Pollen extract, Pumpkin Seed, Bromelain and Papain, to aid digestion, as well as some minerals (zinc and minerals). Q-Urol has been rigorously tested using the highest medical standard and is one of the most effective treatments for Chronic Prostatitis. Randomized placebo-controlled trials evaluating quercetin saw palmetto and bee pollen extract, have shown that these treatments are independently superior to placebo. Pumpkin seeds and zinc have been reported to benefit patients with prostate problems, although the evidence is not as strong. Q-Urol combines all these compounds and therefore the patient can benefit from all these treatments in a single tablet.

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